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2017-05-24 21:41:22 by Rikiro

Hey so summer break is almost here for me and like really excited!

I'm out of school starting June 1st, so expect an increase in content from me in the coming next two months. I've been thinking i actually really dont like the idea of a schedule cuz then i may feel like making a bunch of songs in like 2 days whereas i may feel unmotivated for a while and i wouldnt want to set up an expectation id have to meet.

I've also been watching a ton of Persona 5 videos and I ended up using "Beneath the Mask" because its like my favorite song so far cuz Lyn's vocals match so well with the aesthetic of the song. You can actually check that out here on Newgrounds, on Soundcloud, or just like play it below:

anyways im not actually out of school yet and im like on the last stretch towards home base but ive got like a buttload of homework im trying to finish so idk if ill make anything again til summer but who knows i might surprise everyone




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