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2017-05-24 21:41:22 by Rikiro

Hey so summer break is almost here for me and like really excited!

I'm out of school starting June 1st, so expect an increase in content from me in the coming next two months. I've been thinking i actually really dont like the idea of a schedule cuz then i may feel like making a bunch of songs in like 2 days whereas i may feel unmotivated for a while and i wouldnt want to set up an expectation id have to meet.

I've also been watching a ton of Persona 5 videos and I ended up using "Beneath the Mask" because its like my favorite song so far cuz Lyn's vocals match so well with the aesthetic of the song. You can actually check that out here on Newgrounds, on Soundcloud, or just like play it below:

anyways im not actually out of school yet and im like on the last stretch towards home base but ive got like a buttload of homework im trying to finish so idk if ill make anything again til summer but who knows i might surprise everyone




2017-05-13 18:12:45 by Rikiro

Hey again,

Let's get the main point across right away, I released a new song today, so check it out here, or on Soundcloud:

With that out of the way I wanted to talk about some things for the future:

I'm experimenting with different website making sites so I can make a hub for easy access to all my platforms. I also want to use it to feature all the stuff you guys do with my content, cuz when you use my stuff and show me, it makes me feel really accomplished and warm and junk.

Also, feel free to call me Riko (my name), Coco (my alias), or I guess Kokona, which is something one of you guys came up with and have been using quite often and I really don't mind it.

Uploading schedule will definitely not be starting this month, but hopefully I can put it into effect in June so look forward to a constant stream of new content starting next month.

Ciao as always,



2017-04-30 22:02:11 by Rikiro


I made some LoFi cuz I'm not feeling all to great and I haven't been this whole week. I normally post about like everything that goes on in my life on my instagram:


Well, a LoFi song was released today, and you can check it out here or on SoundCloud, which seriously I love you grounders so much but I'd really appreciate getting some of you to support me on SoundCloud:

The download link will be on both pages, or if you don't feel like looking for it, it'll be right here:


It's kinda cool to make LoFi so guess who made another. ChilledCow. They made another mix. But also me, so check that out on SoundCloud:

Download link on both pages or below:

Also, I'm planning to make a website this week, it'll have all my important links, feature my newest content on all platforms, and also some links to doujins and fanart I find special. I'll also be looking into making short AMV in the future, so idk look forward to that.

Anyways thanks for being here and constantly checking out all my content, it means the world to me!



~New Release~

2017-04-14 13:08:24 by Rikiro

Apparently I didn't have to go to the daylong rehearsal today at school, so I've actually had the day off. So guess who made something, it took me about 3 hours yeah im really bad at this, but I guess you can check it out here:

or download it here:

But again I probably won't get anymore free time like this until maybe May, so don't expect too much to come out, but also don't rule out me randomly getting a free day and maybe making something. Just a short announcement post.



~Broken Promise~

2017-04-12 21:25:37 by Rikiro

Ok, I know I said 2 weeks ago that I'd be trying to put out new content every 2 weeks...

And yeah 2 and a half weeks have passed oops

I've been incredibly busy and I've never been one to look ahead at my schedule, and took things day by day, which isn't exactly a sound practice ever. I had completely forgot that I got roped into playing bass for the school play, and daily rehearsals after school are really really long. I've also been out of town these past two weekends, both without warning, so I've been away from my computer for a while now. This gruesome schedule will continue until the end of next week, I have daylong rehearsals both days this weekend, and the play is the weekend after that, so I'll probably end up having a total of one month spacing between pieces...

I'm apologizing to those who were looking forward to a piece, but still it means a lot to get all your messages and comments on both platforms, and I'm sorry I had made a promise that I couldn't exactly keep. I'm mainly dissapointed in myself for letting myself make a promise like that, and I hope you guys will have the patience to wait another 2 weeks before anything comes out. I love making content as much as you guys love to see and hear it, even if it isn't top notch. Again, I'm sorry to have put your hopes up, though I do plan on having an uploading schedule once my IRL schedule returns to normal.



~Updated Update~

2017-03-26 11:47:44 by Rikiro

First off I'd like to announce the release of Don't Let Go which you can check out here and on Soundcloud by clicking here:

*edit* and now also Searching For Love has been released exclusively on Soundcloud:

But the main reason for a news post is that I've officially disabled downloads on Newgrounds for all my existing and future songs. This however DOES NOT mean that you can't download them, I will be including download links which will still give you the song for free. The only requirement for downloading is to follow me on my Soundcloud. Please hear me out, I get some really good attention and messages about people enjoying my music on Newgrounds, but my prefered platform is in fact Soundcloud, and keep in mind that I post ALL of my songs on Soundcloud. I'd like to direct some of my listeners to Soundcloud, or at the very least to check it out. Soundcloud is a great platform for music focused users, and if you're not a part of it, please sign up, not just to follow and support me, but for the fact that it's so easy to find new music that you will like. And no, I'm not paid to say that.

So to recap: you can no longer download off Newgrounds, you instead click the link in the description to download my track COMPLETELY FREE with the only requirement being that you are one of my Soundcloud followers, which is also COMPLETELY FREE. I can't stress this enough as I really need to get the same attention I get here to be on my Soundcloud. Thanks for your support, and expect new content every 2 weeks at the very least.



2017-03-23 09:33:46 by Rikiro

I was pretty stuck on what to make for this week, when I stumbled upon both Magical 8 Bit plugin for FL Studio, and like an infinity and a half of Undertale SFX. At 9:30 last night, I quickly put something together using nothing but 8 bit waves (even for the percussion) and Undertale SFX. I'm pretty happy with the results. It could've been longer, but hey it's something, and that something got 60+ views within the first 10 minutes like what???

Either way I did have fun making this, though I might actually try making a longer song than that in the future. Sadly you can't sidechain 8 bit waves for whatever reason, so I'm still debating if I wanna try to use the plugin for other styles of music. Hopefully I'll have new music every 2 weeks, or maybe even weekly idk yet.



2017-03-21 21:36:30 by Rikiro

I have had a pretty steady stream of content on my Soundcloud, but I've kinda been thinking for a bit. Making music has always made me happy, and the introduction to music mixing/engineering was like a sequel to my original musical life. I got to start from scratch and begin to learn the INs and OUTs of this whole schtick. As for now, I've just finished Chapter 2, and I'd like to start introducing some new characters aside from Future Funk and LoFi. I'm at a point where I really want to start a new genre, but I have 0 inspiration rn. I'm not depressed, but I have no feelings to pull inspiration from, as I haven't really been seeing anyone lately. I'm on spring break, and all my friends are out of town, so I've sort of been isolated from people I know. I thought about using that as inspiration, but again I'm not sad, and I don't feel like shifting my neutral mood down just to make a piece. I also want to get more situated with the jungle that is FL Studio (especially since its the trial). I know about the dirt and the sky, but I need to find the trees and the birds and the fish etc. I would love suggestions for some genres, and maybe where/how to start on this said genre.

Uniquely ordinary, chaoticly balanced, safely teetering,



2017-02-22 16:46:34 by Rikiro

I released 中点 18293 on SoundCloud yesterday, and thanks to the promotion of another big future funk artist, I've gotten a decent amount of attention. I'm glad to see people enjoying it, as this one took the most work (sampling took 2 hours for this one, I made a first draft on sunday that took another 2 hours, but the remake/final product done yesterday took me 4 hours), and I'm also happy that people have reached out to me to critique my work and give me advice as I work to find more techniques to learn and apply to my future work. I definitely have a long way to go still, but it amazes me how much I improved in less than a week, and I couldn't have grown this much without the help of these helpful people. The satisfaction of achieving so much progress is huge, and I'm glad to say this is something I'm having fun with. Expect to see more from me!!

Also check out 中点 18293 here:

Feel free to send me CONSTRUCTIVE criticism it really helps me out!


~First Steps~

2017-02-18 17:25:25 by Rikiro

As I said I would, I have finished a future funk song. However, it's not on Newgrounds as I don't want it to conflict with any of the rules on copyright, etc. However, you can find it on SoundCloud, so please check that out. It only took me about 2 hours to search for samples and make it, but I do see after finishing that there are many things I'm unhappy with...

STILL! I am pretty proud that I have pushed myself to start getting into this, and I hope I can have your support as my ability continues to grow. I know I'm not ミカヅキBIGWAVE level yet but I hope you can still enjoy it. I definitely want to go back and revisit this some time, as a certain FF maker told me I gotta create a different vibe, and honestly I was just really hype to publish it, and I realize now I really didn't change the feel of the piece. Expect better from me later this year!

Edit: K so it was actually eating away at me that I was really displeased by my work on "Take Me by the Hand" and I had this bombass Cuban food, so I got real pumped and made another song. Took me 3 hours for everything, of course the regular, sample hunting, sample cutting, but also trying to find how to add cutoff filters, and sidechain, plus FL Studio : THE TRIAL being a comeplete dingbat so idk.

I feel more proud of this one, but I'm still thinking about if I'm safe with this one like with the whole copyrighting/sampling type thing, so please, go check it out on SoundCloud guys!